Our People

Employing in excess of 10,000 team members across Australia and New Zealand, who have a diverse range of skills, and a strong team culture.  We aim to be the best we can, working together to build our business and provide a better future for our team members. 

We recognise that the ability to meet and exceed our goals comes from the people who work within our organisation. These are the people who help produce a quality product on the front lines of our production facilities, to those in the corporate offices making strategic business decisions. Each and every one of our team members drive and foster our culture of excellence.


With over 100 different nationalities speaking 65 languages making up our team, we celebrate our multiculturalism.  Our cultural diversity provides opportunities for team members to grow and learn from each other. We have thrived as a result of the determination, innovation, and hard work of our team members who bring with them different live experience and expertise.

With team members joining JBS Australia from many nations across the world, team members enjoy the opportunity to showcase their heritage. Throughout 2020, JBS Australia’s Bordertown team members participated in an Instant Restaurant Homemade Series. Across a number of months, team members from the Bordertown facility participated in showcase evenings to celebrate the cultures of the Philippines, Malaysia, Afghanistan and the many countries in Africa. Guests experienced traditional cuisine from each region as well as traditional music and dancing. JBS team members were involved in each evening taking on roles such as cooking, MC, and as  guest speakers. The series concluded with a Multicultural Food Festival, bringing together the traditional food and entertainment from each night of the Homemade Series. 

Our Benefits


JBS Australia has a workplace wellness program that includes access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  Confidential counselling, support and advice is available through our partnership with Psychologists, Social Workers and Counsellors to proactively help resolve personal issues.


JBS Australia has a strong commitment to our employee’s fitness for work and physical wellbeing.  We have well established programs that support injury prevention, as well as an early intervention model that in some sites includes on site treatments, focused on worker health and fitness to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.


JBS Australia offers a range of monetary discounts, including heavily discounted meat, discounts on gym memberships and private health insurance as well as a range of retail outlets.


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